• Septet by Gandini Juggling
  • Septet by Gandini Juggling


The Joy of Patterns
Septet (1997) was the first of Gandini Juggling’s pieces to suggest the variety of work that the company would go on to make.

Although it retained the complexity of juggling patterns from earlier works, it was less austere and featured less identifiably ‘dance’ material. Septet was also the first show to substantially revisit the company’s pre-existing material and was the first indication of the ways in which the company would recycle the same basic juggling ‘vocabulary’ in new and interesting ways in various projects. This included revisiting the sections entitled ‘Loops’ from nEither Either botH and (1993), ‘Conversation’ and ‘Bach’ from Caught – ‘stilL’/hanging... (1994), and ‘Window’ from ... and other curiOus questions (1995).

Driving this return to old material in Septet was the company’s desire at the time to return to what they termed ‘maximal’ juggling, that is, juggling with a large number of objects at any one time.

(orginal text from Juggling Trajectories, Gandini Juggling 1991 – 2015 by Thomas J M Wilson - link to shop)


Full-length video of Septet

In this extract, we expanded a sequence from N’either Either both and called Loops from 3 people initially to 6 people and here to 8, we called this version SEPTET2 and features additionnal juggling by Sly, Antek Klemm and Maksim Komaro:

The club routine from Septet2:

The first version of the Duet in Septet, a version of which exists in Smashed:


Director: Gill Clarke
Choreographer: Gill Clarke / The Company
Lighting Designer: Sean Phillips
Music by: various
Performers: Ben Craft, Sean Gandini, Simon Mylius, Ben Richter, Alix Wilding, Kati Ylä-Hokkala