Seriously interesting and wryly amusing by Patfield & Triguero
Indoor & outdoor
Gandini Juggling has teamed up with emerging artists Patfield & Triguero to co-produce Gibbon, a surreal and charming feast of juggling choreography, with a sense of humour and a hint of absurdity.

Achieving success while masking failure, a narrative is formed as the action cuts between the creation and the execution of hypnotic patterns and juggling movement sequences.
An absorbing and entertaining work achieved through a powerful combination of technical skill and performance chemistry.

Gibbon challenges the traditions of dance by enlarging the chorographical creation to the flying objects; capturing the tension of gravity defiance with the body’s interactions, combining the inevitable speed of an object falling with the slow movement of intertwined arms and hands.


"Choreographed and performed by Chris Patfield and Jose Triguero, Gibbon was an appealing, surreal mix of physical theatre and comedy juggling. Focusing on competition, self-awareness and achieving success while masking failure, this was an absorbing and entertaining work achieved through a powerful combination of technical skill and performance chemistry". Resolution

‘Seriously interesting and wryly amusing’ The Guardian ★★★★

"the combination of mesmerising manipulation and dry comedy left me wanting more", circus diaries


Setting: Indoor and outdoor, small-scale
Duration: 35 minutes (outdoors), 55 minutes (indoors)
Age range: all age groups


Direction and performance: Christopher Patfield and Jose Triguero
External eye: Flicl Fernando
Music: Benji Bouton and Kevin Toublant
Lighting design: Guy Dickens
Images: Stanislas Briza


Gibbon is supported by Gandini Juggling; The Point, Eastleigh; Dance Base, Edinburgh; Lab Time2 (NCCA and  Esmee Fairbairn Foundation); Jacksons Lane, London; Déda, Derby; Sea Change Arts, Great Yarmouth; Maison des Jonglages, Paris.


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