Gandini Juggling have a range of workshops available for professional jugglers / performers and those that are new to the art form.

One of the most joyous occasions in Gandini Juggling touring life is when we meet a good juggler who tells us that they did a workshop with Gandini Juggling many moons before. This seemingly obvious realisation pushed us to embark on an educational drive. 

We find that there is a shortage of performers with the specific skill sets they need as well as that there is a shortage of female jugglers. So to plant seeds for the future Gandini Juggling's aim is to inspire, educate and motivate acting as highly experienced facilitators, teaching in not only the world’s best circus schools but providing workshops in community centres and cold church halls...


We have a range of workshops available, aimed at both professional jugglers/ performers and those that are new to the art form. Workshops can be delivered in person or online. 

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Bespoke activities

Over the years, we have created bespoke education programmes to work with a specific group of people within a specific context. We love to create unique education projects and are always open to new ideas.

Some examples of educational projects we have curated:
- A mathematics course and a physics course for Montclair University, New Jersey, USA.
- A community project at the British Museum, in partnership with the English National Opera, London.
- Creation of educational materials developed for the National Teachers Conference around Akhnaten, the Olivier Award-winning production of Philip Glas ‘s opera directed by Phelim McDermott‘s and choregraphed by Sean Gandini.
- A series of workshops and community performances at the Brooklyn Museum in collaboration with the Philadelphia Circus School, USA.
- A Nation-wide series of workshops and performances as part of Crying Out Loud’s 250th celebration of circus, UK.

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Sean Gandini was remarkable in the sense that Sean is a mathematician. He understands the mathematics of juggling. He was put together with both a mathematics course and a physics course last year prior to his debut here in December 2018. Throughout the semester two professors and about seventy-five students engaged with Sean remotely to understand juggling, and in fact, to learn to juggle and to interpret juggling within the context of their own imaginations. One young man wrote a rap poem using juggling as structural inspiration. Another did a video game. There were 3-D experiences with juggling, and they were all inspired by Sean.
Jed Wheeler, Executive Director for Arts and Cultural Programming, Montclair University, New Jersey, USA.