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A magical marriage of light and juggling
Immerse yourself in the epitome of juggling artistry with Gandini Juggling's enchanting Glow routines. Our performances seamlessly fuse state-of-the-art light technology with virtuoso juggling, creating a mesmerising spectacle that has captivated audiences globally. Notably, Cirque du Soleil recognised the brilliance of our Glow work, inviting four Gandini performers to showcase their talents as residents at the prestigious Macau show, Zaia, in 2011.

Our Glow routines feature clubs with pre-programmed colours synchronised perfectly with the music. Witness a symphony of lights as the clubs pulsate, jump, and fade in and out, creating enchanting colour palettes. Beyond the high-tech façade and vibrant hues lies a solid foundation forged through years of mastering some of the most complex and challenging juggling patterns on the planet.


Across the years, agencies and arts organisations have sent us great feedback about Glow:   

‘The magnificent finale built around a preprogrammed illuminated club sequence, performed to Mo- zart’s Symphony 25, stood closer to a son et lumiere than a ‘juggling show'' (Royal Opera House , London, Total Theatre Magazine)

‘Please accept my sincere thanks and appreciation for all the hard work and preparation that goes into these events and which never fails to delight our clients, time after time, so thank you!’ (Susannah Parker, Private Drama)

‘In short, it was a triumph’ (Angus MacKechnie producer, National Theatre, London)


Set-up: Glow can be performed outdoors at night (weather must be dry) and indoors.
Age guidance: all ages
Team: variable depending on context (minimum 4 artists).
Duration: from a short 6 minutes routine to a longer 25 minutes performance with Glow clubs and other juggling props
Can be performed multiple times a day depending on duration.


We have a wide range of workshops available on demand. Workshops are aimed at professional jugglers, performers, and those that are new to the art form. We also offer post-show discussions with the director of the company and the performers. Get in touch with the team to discuss ideas.