• LIFE by Gandini Juggling
  • LIFE by Gandini Juggling


Our collection of short films
1992 - present
2020 - LIFE Research

Research for Life a performance inspired by the Merce Cunningham's choreography.

Film edited by Alice Underwood
Music by Caroline Shaw

In collaboration with The Merce Cunningham Trust in New York, Montclair University New jersey, IJA International Juggers Association and Summer Streets Festival.
Thanks to Arts Council of England, Merce Cunningham Trust and Dance Elargie.

2020 - The Academy

A lockdown film:
A journey though every permutation of 5 balls, clubs or rings.
All dressed up with nowhere to go!

2020 - Krap Yrubsnif

A short autobiographical lockdown video filmed on phones. Exploring the symmetrical aspects of juggling in time.
Edited and juggled by Kati Ylä-Hokkala and Sean Gandini

2021 - JOy of Symmetry

Juggling purgatory. remix of some table juggling originally made for Hermès Paris. Exploring the notion of unison.

Jugglers: Kati Ylä-Hokkala, Lynn Scott, Owen Reynolds, Francesca Poppi Mari and Doreen Grossman. Filmed by Photography by Ash.
Remixed by Sean Gandini.