• Downfall Gandini Juggling


A percussive, emotional and ghostly series of images about the absurdity of throwing and catching
After several seasons starring in the world´s great circuses and international variety shows, Sean Gandini's brilliant ensemble returns to its theatrical roots with this brand new show. Percussive, emotional and ghostly, Downfall unfolds as a series of images about the absurdity of throwing and catching which culminates in a joyous celebration of life. It features the Gandini's unique trademark of intricate, seamlessly interwoven juggling, creating a fairground of flying objects and a world of dazzling colour.

Directed by the acclaimed John Paul Zaccarini, Downfall shows just why Gandini Juggling rates amongst today's top object manipulation ensembles, in worldwide demand for its artistry and originality.


Downfall has a hypnotising power; it can suggest very poetic images and a strange dark humnour that plays with opression, authority and the absurd. Its dramaturgy reveals moments of intimacy and collectiveness, conveyed by the constant relationship of the performers witht he objects. Catalina Del Castilla, Kaskade Magazine


Performers: KAti Ylä-Hokkala, Inaki Sastre, Owen Reynold, Frederike Gerstner
Director: John-Paul Zaccarini