• Cube Gandini Juggling
  • Cube Gandini Juggling
  • Cube Gandini Juggling


An extraordinary 3 dimensional juggling space
The cube is an extraordinary 3 dimensional juggling space. It was commissioned by the Millennium Dome where it was seen by 300 000 people. A four sided glass box which allows jugglers to create complex mind- boggling patterns.

The Cube travelled to Dubai for one month in June 2009 before returning to London for a week at Watch This Space at The National Theatre in July 2009


“The Cube is just that—a transparent box that Kati Ylä-Hokkala and Sean Gandini stand inside which allows them to rebound rubber balls off the walls in front and behind, and which has the useful second effect of child- proofing the performance zone. Its means of dramatic escalation is the age-old One More Ball callout, but on the whole The Cube is relaxed in its tone and presentation—seemingly as an expression of the performers’ own personalities rather than as an aspect of feigned character.” Side Show Circus Magazine