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An unmissable outdoor celebration of life, music and beauty.
Gandini Juggling invite you to participate in a free series of workshops.
If you are aged 14 to 23, can juggle three balls with ease while walking around, and do a few patterns, then these workshops are for you. We welcome new and advanced young jugglers to this series of workshops, where we'll focus on juggling with movement, rhythm, multi-handed and siteswaps. The sessions will be led by Jose Triguero and Owen Reynolds, two highly experienced Jugglers working with Gandini.
These workshops are part of a bigger project, supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England We will be inviting a handful of those interested to have further training and join the company for a big juggling site-specific performance at Somerset House, London, on August 4th and 5th, 2018.
Follow the link below to apply via a short online form. We will endeavour to reply by mid-April. These workshops are free of charge, but we do request all participants to commit to the three dates at their chose partner venue.
Community Partner Venues & workshop dates:
Albert & Friends, London - 20th, 27th M"y & 2nd June
Circus House, Manchester - 1st, 3rd & 10th June
Circomedia, Bristol - 16th, 30th & 31st June
Apply here.
Photography by ASH
On 4 and 5 August 2018, Trailblazers Gandini Juggling performed this special commission accompanied by the rousing sound of brass music played live by Circus Tsuica, a French band of musical acrobats. Performing within the rhythmic rise and fall of the 55 water jets of the courtyard fountains, the 30 jugglers performed within the constant flow of movement, water and sound to create a mesmerising celebration of skill, beauty and music.


Musicians: Circa Tsuica.
Directed by Sean Gandini
Costumes by Esme Kirk
Professional performers: Liza van Brakel, Dominik Harant, Yu-Hsien Wu, Erin O'Toole, Sean Gandini, Owen Reynolds, Christopher Owston, Ben Nicholson, Doreen Grossman, Max Baraitser Smith Rehearsal director: Katrina Lyndon


Produced by Crying Out Loud
As part of Circus Sampler, a festival Celebrating 250 years since Philip and Patty Astley pioneered circus in London in 1768.