• 4×4 Ephemeral Architectures
  • 4×4 Ephemeral Architectures
  • 4×4 Ephemeral Architectures
  • 4×4 Ephemeral Architectures
  • 4×4 Ephemeral Architectures
  • 4×4 Ephemeral Architectures
  • 4×4 Ephemeral Architectures

4 x 4: Ephemeral Architectures

A collaboration between ballet and juggling.
19th & 20th December, Scène Nationale du Sud Aquitaine, Bayonne, Fr

30th & 31st December, Lörrach, D 19th January, Bangor, Pontio, UK

Tracing pathways in space, four jugglers and four ballet dancers share a stage for the first time.

4 x 4: Ephemeral Architectures explores the intersections and divergences of juggling and ballet, as the performers trace pathways in the air and on the ground. Jugglers and ballet dancers move in synchrony and counterpoint, creating complex patterns of movement and rhythm that dazzle the eye and intrigue the mind. The stage becomes a canvas for their imagination, a space where they can experiment, collaborate, and transform their craft.

The title of the show, 4 x 4: Ephemeral Architectures, refers to the four jugglers and four ballet dancers who share the stage. This balanced composition reflects the symmetry and precision of both juggling and ballet, as well as their complementary dynamics. The jugglers toss and catch balls, clubs, and rings with graceful ease, while the ballet dancers leap and spin with fluid grace. Together, they create a vibrant tapestry of color, sound, and motion that defies gravity and time.

At the heart of 4 x 4: Ephemeral Architectures is the exploration of patterns and structures, both physical and conceptual. The performers use their bodies and props to create intricate designs in the air, exploring the possibilities of symmetry, repetition, and variation. They also play with the tension between order and chaos, as they disrupt and deconstruct their own patterns, creating moments of surprise and suspense.

Through this dialogue between juggling and ballet, Gandini Juggling invites the audience to reimagine what dance and circus can be. By blending and bending these art forms, they create a new kind of ephemeral architecture, one that celebrates the beauty and complexity of patterns in motion. Whether you are a fan of juggling, ballet, or both, 4 x 4: Ephemeral Architectures promises to be a stunning and unforgettable experience.


"A show of elegant, wistful beauty" ★★★★ The Guardian

"A phenomenal display" ★★★★ Everything Theatre

"A splendid blend of talents imbued with both elegance and wit" ★★★★ The Times

"A Clever, cool and wondrous show that gives delight" ★★★★ The Stage


Director: Sean Gandini

Artistic co-ordinator: Emma Lister 

Choreographer: Ludovic Ondiviela

Composer: Nimrod Borenstein

Lighting Designer: Guy Hoare

Jugglers / Dancers: Kati Ylä-Hokkala, Kim Huynh, Owen Reynolds, Sakari Männistö, Erin O’Toole, Joe Bishop, Kate Byrne, Kieran Stoneley

Live music performed Camerata Alma Viva

Artistic Advisor: Matthew Hawkins


The show exists in 3 version: recorded music, with 5 musician, with a 16-piece orchestra

Setting: Indoor

Suitable for: 8+

Running Time: 65 minutes

Ideal stage dimensions: 12m deep, 11m wide, 7m high


We have a wide range of workshops available on demand. Workshops are aimed at professional jugglers, performers, and those that are new to the art form. 
We also offer post show discussions with the director of the company and the performers.
Get in touch with the team to discuss ideas.


Arts Council England, Royal Opera House London, National Centre for Circus Arts, Jacksons Lane, La Brèche, Agit Cirk, PRS for music foundation.