A fictitious/imaginary history of juggling
Objects float, collapse, fly and smash in a hypnotic stream through the history of jugglers’ art.

For Motet (2011), Gandini Juggling returned to their strategy of inviting celebrated directors to collaborate with the company. In this case, Maksim Komaro, Artistic Director of Finnish company Circo Aereo, was invited to direct a co-production between the two companies. Komaro had previously performed with the company, juggling in SEPTET2 (1998), before going on to establish a unique ‘voice’ in the Nordic circus scene. The collaboration between Gandini Juggling and Komaro led to a work that had a distinctive theatricality and an aesthetic markedly different from that of previous works by Gandini Juggling, while still retaining Gandini Juggling’s adventurous approach to both juggling ‘vocabulary’ and performance style.

(orginal text from Juggling Trajectories, Gandini Juggling 1991 – 2015 by Thomas J M Wilson - link to shop)


Introduction to the show:

Some extracts of the piece:

Full length video:


Director: Maksim Komaro
Lighting design: Juho Rahijärvi
Performers: Doreen Großman, Frederike Gerstner, Sean Gandini, Sakari Männistö, Owen Reynolds, Iñaki Sastre, Niels Seidel, Malte Steinmetz, Jon Udry, Kati Ylä-Hokkala and Kim Huynh
Costumes: Gemma Banks


Production: Circo Aereo (FI), Gandini Juggling (UK)
Co-producers: Agit-Cirk (FI), Arts Council England (UK), Cirko Center for New Circus (FI)