• Heka - Gandini Juggling (c) Camilla Greenwell
  • Heka - Gandini Juggling (c) Camilla Greenwell


Juggling meets Magic
Coming soon
Heka (ˈhɛkə): the deification of magic and medicine in ancient Egypt. The name is the Egyptian word for "magic" and the practice of magical rituals.

Heka is an upcoming show by Gandini Juggling. After drawing inspiration from the work of Pina Bausch or Merce Cunningham, Gandini Juggling is now looking at magic as a source of creativity. 

Together with French magician Yann Frisch, Gandini Juggling is revisiting the codes of traditional magic tricks. Objects will appear and disappear, float, multiply or change colour...

It is not so much the illusion that fascinates Gandini Juggling, but rather the movement that comes with it, like a form of choreography. How can we recontextualise this choreographic language, play with the repetitions, the counter points, and the group effects?

The result will be a show unlike any other, defying expectations of what juggling, and magic can be. 


Director: Sean Gandini

Assistant to the director: Kati Ylä-Hokkala

Magic mentor: Yann Frisch

Performers: in progress


In progress


Format: indoor

Duration: approx. 55 minutes

Touring party: 6 performers and 1 technician

Age guidance: all age groups


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