• Heka - Gandini Juggling (c) Camilla Greenwell
  • Heka - Gandini Juggling (c) Camilla Greenwell
  • Heka - Gandini Juggling (c) Camilla Greenwell
  • Heka - Gandini Juggling (c) Camilla Greenwell
  • Heka - Gandini Juggling (c) Camilla Greenwell
  • Heka - Gandini Juggling (c) Camilla Greenwell
  • Heka - Gandini Juggling (c) Camilla Greenwell


Everything is not as it seems
A conjurer is not a juggler; he is an actor playing the part of a magician; an artist whose fingers have more need to move with deftness than with speed. Robert Houdin, Secrets of Conjuring and Magic, 1868

Juggling and Magic are like long lost sisters. So similar and yet so different. 

Heka (the Egyptian goddess of magic!) is the title of Gandini Juggling’s new show. 

Drawing inspiration from the intricate connection between juggling and magic, Heka transports audiences into a mesmerising realm where reality blurs with illusion. Heka transcends boundaries, inviting spectators on a journey where objects materialise and vanish, levitate, and transform before their eyes. Yet, beneath the surface lies a tantalising question: what is real and what is merely a trick of perception?

Infused with a captivating blend of humour and philosophy, Heka marks a departure for Gandini's renowned repertoire. Director Sean Gandini, whose artistic journey began in Havana half a century ago, revisits his magical roots in this hybrid performance.

Embracing elements of contemporary choreography, Heka reimagines magic through the lens of repetition, counterpoint, and misdirection. Conversely, it explores how magic principles can inform choreographic expression, challenging conventional notions of performance.

Moreover, Heka explores the dynamics of group magic, probing the possibilities of multiple hands and gestures in a choreographic context. Delving into the nuances of delay and anticipation, the performance invites viewers to reconsider the ritual of spectatorship and its impact on satisfaction.

Above it all it is a celebration of the silliness and absurdity of entertainment, a homage to the delights of the absurd. 


Directors: Kati Ylä-Hokkala & Sean Gandini
Magic consultants: Yann Frisch, Kalle Nio
Performers: Kate Boschetti, Sean Gandini, Tedros Girmaye, Kim Huynh, Sakari Männistö, Yu-Hsien Wu, Kati Ylä-Hokkala
Props and costumes designer: Eleanor Sharpe
Lighting design: Guy Hoare
Technician: Guy Dickens
Video: Alice Underwood
Images: Camilla Greenwell
Music: Andy Cowton
Access Consultant: Daisy Hale


Residence: La Batoude, Beauvais (FR), La Garance, Cavaillon (FR), The Place, London (UK), The Point, Eastleigh (UK), 101 Outdoor Arts - National Centre for Arts in Public Space (UK)

Coproduction: Maison des Jonglages, Scène Conventionée (FR), Scène Nationale Orléans (FR)


Format: indoor
Duration: approx. 55 minutes
Touring party: 7 performers and 1 technician
Age guidance: all age groups
Ideal stage dimensions: 10m x 8m x 5m


We have a wide range of workshops available on demand. Workshops are aimed at professional jugglers, performers, and those that are new to the art form. We also offer post-show discussions with the director of the company and the performers.
Get in touch with the team to discuss ideas.


During the development of Heka, we are collaborating with Access Consultant Daisy Hale to delve into the intersection of juggling and neuro-divergence.

Drawing from our personal experiences, juggling has consistently served as a valuable outlet during times when the world seemed perplexing. We firmly believe that individuals with neuro-divergent perspectives can harness the therapeutic potential of juggling to better comprehend their surroundings or, at the very least, find a healthy escape for a few blissful minutes.

Daisy will actively contribute to the creation process, conducting research into the links between juggling and neuro-divergence. Together, we aim to introduce an innovative workshop format tailored specifically for neuro-divergent amateur jugglers. Daisy will compile an informative pack detailing her findings and providing a template for this groundbreaking workshop.

On our end, we anticipate gaining profound insights into a subject that captivates us. Furthermore, we plan to embark on a global tour, sharing these newly developed workshops to make them accessible to audiences worldwide.