• stacKcats by Camilla Greenwell 2


Somewhere between Juggling, Clowning, Slapstick and Dance.
stacKcats, Gandini Juggling’s latest outdoor production, revisits the landscape of Smashed.

Somewhere between Juggling, Clowning, Slapstick and Dance, 8 performers inhabit a vaudevillian illusion, quoting classical painting via cartoon violence. Using the company’s trademark choreographed juggling, the piece addresses serious issues in a silly way, with a lot of vegetables.

stacKcats continues to trail the fine line between violence and comedy established in previous creations, blurring the frontier of black and white comedy. The development of a gestural language, an exaggerated almost grotesque idiom, will be an intrinsic part of this exploration. Slapstick violence and vegetables punctuate Gandini Juggling's choreographed juggling vignettes.

Dynamics of tribes and social interaction plays also a central role in the piece, perceived through complex juggling choreographies; precision routines that fuse contemporary dance and juggling, which have become Gandini's signature artistic stamp. Sean Gandini worked on these aesthetics elements in latest site-specific piece Cascade (2018), which looked at evolutionary approaches to choreography. The aesthetics of stacKcats is influenced by British film director Peter Greenaway. The music is an orginal composition by Andy Cowton. 


Setting: Outdoor
Age range: All age groups
Stage dimensions 8m x 10m


stacKcats was created with the support at the Arts Council England