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A futuristic chandelier with a sense of humour...
As one of the worlds best technical and innovative jugglers Wes Peden is a true force of nature.   

Zebra is a show of masterful juggling where hundreds of new throws and catches are used to show never-before-seen shapes. The performer is dressed like a lampshade who enjoys playing basketball. He uses extendable arms to gracefully move a record player's needle onto the vinyl from meters away before whirling at full force into the next piece of manipulation. The show includes ball juggling where elbows are used as little trampolines, 5 club juggling where constellations and waves are made of high throws and reverse spins, and rings turn into jogging butterflies as they spiral up and down the performer's arms and legs. Zebra’s aesthetic is that of a futuristic chandelier with a sense of humor. 

"The purity of this juggling, for all the experimentation that brought it here, is magic, and the beauty of it brings a tear to my eye". The ciRCUS DIARIES

For more information and tour dates please contact Gandini Juggling at info@gandinijuggling.com

Co-produced by: Gandini Juggling (UK) and Maison des Jonglages - Scene Conventionnée Jonglages (FR). 
Supported by: Espace Catastrophe - Bruxelles (BE), Carre Magique - Pole National Cirque en Bretagne (FR), Maison des Jonglages - Scene Conventionnée Jonglages (FR), Academie Fratellini (FR), Subtopia - Botkyrka, (SW).